“Attention iPhone resellers and Repair Shop Owners”

"Finally, discover the ultimate automated online system that allows you to impose your own buyback prices for used iPhones & Tablets."

Yes, you can easily get as many used phones and tablets as you want at up to 30% cheaper than your competition...

If you think that wholesale prices for used & refurbished iphones, iPads or Android Phones and Tablets are too high and barely allow you to make any profits.

If you have been struggling to find quality inventory at fair prices, then read on to find out an easy way to automate the whole buying process and get your used devices way cheaper than you thought possible...

Just like you, I used to scour the internet looking for reliable and trustworthy phones and tablets wholesalers at places like 'thewirelessbuzz.com', 'cellpex.com', 'bstocksupply.com', etc... or similar marketplaces only to find that wholesale prices and/or MOQ were often too high and barely allowed me to make any money.

And some resellers will want you to wire them the payment before they ship you anything even if you've dealt with them before... How do you know who to trust?

Plus, sometimes they will bill you for "A" Grade devices but ship you "B" or worse, "C" grade stock. And you know how hard it'll be to get them to take it back or refund you the price difference...

So What's the Solution?

Well, there are hundreds or thousands of people upgrading their phones every single day in your town and most of them will be grateful to sell those used phones locally when they're ready to upgrade instead of trying to sell them on CraigsList or eBay, or trading them with their carrier who often offer them 20 to 40% lower than they can get otherwise.

You could get used phones and tablets via CraigsList, eBay or similar marketplaces. But you know that the process is extremely tedious, time consuming and sometimes dangerous if you're gonna buy them one by one from the public.

So a Simple and Easy Solution would be to use an automated buyback system that allows you to slash your buyback prices just like the big boys.

Multi-million dollar companies like Gazelle.com and Nextworth.com use similar automated buyback systems to buy their used devices safely, conveniently and quickly from their customers.

Some of our clients use this buyback system now to get so many used phones and tablets that they end up reselling them to Chinese refurbishers...

How Does It Work?

  1. The customer selects their device from the homepage, then their carrier, storage capacity & device condition & they are instantly offered a buyback price (that you previously set in the backend). If they accept the price, they will fill out a order form and a prepaid shipping label is then instantly generated for them which they will use to ship you the device.

  2. You send them the payment after you receive the device and if everything checks out.

  3. This system can be used to buy any type of device from the public. Including iPhones, iPads, any Android phone or tablet, Macs, Laptops, PCs, etc.

  4. You get the complete buyback system AND the automated repair module for your new website installed 100% Free without any ongoing monthly fees. And it works in any market because your customers would rather sell their used phones from the comfort of their own homes...

  5. All transactions are fully tracked in the admin area where you'll see the customer info, the device traded, price offered, trade status, etc... and you can of course email the customers directly from there if you wanna change the buyback status from "Pending" to 'Received" or "Paid" for example.

  6. The product is 100% open-source and scalable so you can easily customize it exactly as you want.

What Exactly Do You Get With This Automated Buyback System And How Will It Make You More Profitable?


You get a reliable, very secure, tested, custom coded buyback system that automatically calculates & offers a buyback price for all the phones and tablets you're willing to buy.


The ability to generate a USPS, UPS or FedEx prepaid shipping label that the customer will use to ship you their device.


Ability to determine your own buyback prices and only pay your customers after you receive and check out the devices they're selling!

buyback trade-in demo

So to recap, you'll get your very own custom-coded buyback & device-repair system that will set you apart from your competition. A new, automated system that allow you to:

Automate the entire buyback prcess meaning that you'll have an automated buying machine that works 24/7 to buy 100's or 1000's of used phones and tablets directly from the public at ridiculously low prices that you fix in the backend admin area.

Optionally Offer device repair services from your website where your prospects will be able to pick one or more issues, get an instant price quote for the repairs and make a payment online. All this before they ever set foot in your store. 

100% Free Installation on Your Own Server.

We'll gladly install and configure the software for you at no extra charge

All this for a low, one-time investment of Only $497. With no monthly fees!

Yes! Just a single investment without any ongoing monthly fees!

Ongoing Free support is offered at no extra charge.

Contact us anytime for any issue and we'll gladly help resolve it in a timely manner.

Need it customized to match our existing website? ​

We'll have our developer customize the design to match your existing website at no extra cost.


"It's probably not very surprising to learn that Apple iPhone users are the most likely to upgrade their iPhones. According to Gallup, 51% of iPhone devotees trade up for the new model as soon as they can compared to only 40% for users of Android phones."

Click Here to check out the demo installation. Then request a username & password here if you'd like to check out the admin area.

When you're ready, just Click the Order Button below to launch your fully equipped BuyBack online store for Only $497 Today. This advanced trade-in software is hosted on your own server with unlimited, unrestricted usage.

Do You Need Additional Features?

Admittedly, every product has its flaws and this buyback system and the accompanying bonus repair script is no exception. So if you're looking for something different or for something with additional features, please click here to contact us with your specific needs and we'll have one of our developers either customize the software or build you a brand-new, custom software.
But if you just need a simple, secure, tested buyback system that works, then this script will work for you! Everything is already set-up for you and you just need to edit the prices you're willing to pay the various devices in the backend admin area...

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Ready to Get Started Right Now?

PS: For a very limited time, we'll offer you free hosting for an entire year (a $120 value) for your new website if you get the buyback system right now!

And you still get the device repair module if you wanna offer repair services now or in the future & Free Installation & Configuration of the software!


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