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You Need Your Own BuyBack Website Because...

Right now, most resellers scour the web and try to find deals from places like, or or from similar b2b websites.
But you know that a lot of the so-called resellers are in fact scammers & it's hard to know who to trust...
When you do find a legitimate reseller, used phones prices are always marked up so high, it's hard to make a decent profit. For example, a refurbished iPhone 6 they offer for $500.00 could have been bought directly from your buyback website for around $350.00 (about 30% less).
So you see, you're actually losing a lot of money by not setting up your own buyback website where you can easily collect hundreds or thousands of used smartphones every month from people around the country...

What You Get with Our BuyBack Software:

Instant BuyBack Busines

Want a profit-generating buyback business & happier customers? Our re-commerce script is one of the wireless industry's fastest growing turnkey smartphone buy-back platform.

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Ongoing Support

We provide Free, Unlimited Support & We'll even set up the script on your own domain as long as your hosting provider meets the minimum requirements (that's about 97% of all web hosts).

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Fast Setup!

Your new website can be ready within 24/48 hours after your order. Order Now and turn yesterday's smartphones and tablets into today's profits!

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Simple Pricing

We charge a low flat fee for the script: Just $697.00 for everything including installation if needed.
We will contact you immediately after purchase to either send you the files & installation instructions or to get your website server details if you opted for the free installation. Unlimited Usage & No Extra Fees.

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PS: We offer a Simple 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: IT WORKS on your own website or you get Your Money Back!

PPS: To Get 6 Months Credit; First click on the Yellow Order Button, then select the 'PayPal Credit - Special Offer' tab on the next page to get set up...

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